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What is Agriculture? What has changed in our lives with the beginning of agricultural activities?

Agriculture is among the most important issues of recent times. What is agriculture, which is among the topics that everyone is curious about? What is the importance of agricultural activities in our lives? How did agricultural activities, which have gained great importance in recent days, begin, how did they enter our lives, what has changed in our lives? What is agriculture? What has changed in our lives with the start of agricultural activities? We have compiled all the curious things about the subject in detail for you.

What is Agriculture?

It is known that agricultural activities started with the settlement of human beings since ancient times. Recently, it is among the issues that have gained importance, especially organic agriculture.

What is Agriculture?

Agriculture is the work done in connection with the soil in order to obtain useful and essential plants. It includes all activities from plowing and sowing the soil to the necessary maintenance and harvesting of crops. Although only plant breeding comes to mind when it comes to agriculture, animal care and production are also included in agricultural activities.

What has changed in our lives with the beginning of agricultural activities?

The Neolithic Age is thought to be the beginning of the first agricultural activities. Based on the findings, it is understood that 13,000 years ago people started to cultivate some plants and then domesticated animals.

Agricultural activities

Based on the findings, these are known to be the first agricultural activities. Thanks to agricultural activities, people moved to a more settled life and the environment for the establishment of civilizations was provided. It is known that the first plants grown in the primitive world were products such as barley, wheat, peas, cotton, lentils, pumpkin.

The surplus of agricultural products obtained started trade. In addition, other methods have emerged so that the products remaining after consumption and trade can be used in cases such as famine. The beginning of agricultural activities played an important role in the transition of humanity to a settled and civilized life. This period, known as the agricultural revolution, is also seen as the beginning of production in human history. Humans, who were hunter-gatherers until then, started agricultural activities and transitioned to settled life.

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