The Future of Food: Consuming Consciously 2023

Do you also have concerns about the future of food? We lose diversity with monoculture agriculture, we can reach food instantly thanks to industrial agriculture, even when it is not in season. We lose the value of the few kinds of food we eat and only look to fill our stomach. This situation completely changes the way we view food, and this is not for the better.

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No matter what we call food, food, food, these are the things that make us live. Processed foods are so normalized and marketed that we forget what real food is. Then we try to get the vitamins and minerals that our body needs from processed products under the name of food supplements. However, while it is possible to get them from foods grown with the right methods.

Ever since I quit my job, I’ve been experiencing both the growing of food and learning about the process until it’s put on the table. Learning how the food I eat grows and how long it takes to mature allows me to taste more while consuming that food.

For example, bringing together all the greens grown in the garden in winter with olive oil, pomegranate syrup and some walnuts is like a feast for me. Because I prepared the soil of that greenery, planted its seed, gave its life water, witnessed its growth, and collected it from the garden and placed it on my plate.

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Some of you may say, why do you need this much detail, I can eat the salad I want in an hour at the most. Maybe this is where the problem comes from. With industrial agriculture, we reach the things we want in a very short time, as it should be. At that time, it is not possible to understand the value of that salad.

Because it is put in front of us, we only consume it without knowing the labor behind it. Or we eat fruits and vegetables that are not grown in season. We are moving away from the things that are natural to us, that are in our nature, day by day.

There are things we can all do for the future of food…

The future of food is in our hands as consumers and producers. I think that we are so comfortable about a subject that threatens our health because we don’t know where to start. There is something we can all do to right the wrongs in the “system”.

If your health and our future are worrying you, you can start by paying attention to your consumption, shopping and nutrition. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a city or a village, or whether you work or not. How we obtain and consume food affects more than you can imagine. Economy, agricultural policy, use of natural resources and even climate change. It is possible to change the future of food and our own future by changing our perspective.

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