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Seedling Fertilizer

Seedling fertilizers are important substances that are used in many seedling cultivation areas, especially in agricultural areas. When it comes to fertilizer, animal manure usually comes to mind. Animal manure is the dried and used excrement of animals. Animal manure can be used instead of seedling fertilizer in village areas.

What is Seedling Fertilizer?

Seedling fertilizers are special mixture fertilizers containing macro and micro elements in order for seedlings to show the necessary development. Unlike animal fertilizers, they are produced by humans under special conditions. It is much more effective than the effect obtained by using animal fertilizers in seedling cultivation. It can also be used to increase the yield of seedlings. The so-called macro- and microelements are the factors that ensure the survival of a plant.

In the absence of macro elements, the seedling cannot survive. Macro elements are essential for the continuation of life. It can be thought of as a package of elements that must be included. Plants usually take macro elements into their bodies with the help of their root parts. Giving macro elements to the plant through the leaves will not be a very useful process in this context.

The so-called microelements are the elements in the absence of which the seedlings can continue their vitality, but in the presence of which their yield increases. Plants usually take microelements from the stem or leaf parts. Giving microelements through the roots will not be very beneficial for the plants. Seedling fertilizers may also vary according to the areas and regions where they will be used.

It is possible to list the seedling fertilizer types as follows;

  • Pot seedling fertilizer
  • Organic seedling fertilizer
  • Nitrogen seedling fertilizer
  • Seedling fertilizer for leaves
  • Root seedling fertilizer

Seedling fertilizers to be used should be preferred according to the needs of the grower. Some seedling fertilizers may also differ according to the type of seedling. But in general terms, it is possible to find certain seedling fertilizers that can be used for all seedlings. Of course, the region where the seedling is planted can affect this situation. There is more than one soil cover in Turkey. The fact that the soil covers are so different from each other also ensures that the mineral substances they contain vary.

In this context, the soil of the region where the seedling is planted is very important. It will be to the advantage of the user to use mineral fertilizer in line with the need, taking into account the minerals contained in it. As a result of the use of non-deficient mineral substances, unwanted results may be encountered in seedlings due to excessive element loading. In this context, it will be to the advantage of the user to know the seedling fertilizer to be used by mastering the soil minerals.

What Does Seedling Fertilizer Do?

Seedling fertilizers ensure that seedlings can grow, develop and be productive on time. It is also very useful for greenhouse plants that want to be grown out of season. Seedling fertilizers should definitely be given importance especially for the cultivation of greenhouse plants.

Since they are intended to be grown out of season, the soil in which the seedlings are planted may not contain the necessary elements. In this case, the seedlings will not be able to develop and will rot and die. It is possible to think of seedling fertilizers as food for seedlings. How many days can a person endure hunger? In case of starvation, there will be loss of yield.

Weakness and gradual death will occur. Likewise, in the absence of seedling fertilizers, seedlings will show loss of yield, weakness, that is, becoming vulnerable to diseases and death in the future. In this context, seedling fertilizers are essential for seedlings. Seedling fertilizers ensure that vital functions are fulfilled thanks to the elements they contain. In order to prevent possible damage from outside, the immune systems of plants must be strong. The system called immune system refers to the defense mechanism of the structure.

When the immune system is low, the body will be resistant to all kinds of negativities from the outside and will get sick easily. Seedling fertilizers provide protection from diseases by making the necessary supplements to the immune systems of plants. Seedling fertilizers ensure that the missing substances are completed by looking at the soil properties of the geography. In this context, it will be possible for growers to use mixtures of seedling fertilizers according to their regions.

Seedling Planting Fertilizer

Some seedling fertilizers are used after the seedlings are planted. Some fertilizers are used during planting. Seedling planting fertilizers are fertilizers used during seedling planting. And the seedlings are planted with a mixture prepared by mixing with some of the soil in which the seedlings will be planted. Planting seedlings with planting fertilizers brings many advantages. The minerals and elements that the seedling needs are given to the seedling from the very first planting, even if they are not present in the soil.

This contributes to the healthy development of the planted seedling from the very beginning. It also causes the seedling to stay away from possible negativities. In this context, the use of seedling planting fertilizers is very advantageous and easy to apply for the producer. Seedling planting fertilizers should be applied not only for greenhouse plants but also for seedling planting in all seasons. Seedling planting fertilizers create a suitable living space for seedlings by completing the deficiencies in the soil structure.

Liquid Seedling Fertilizer

Liquid seedling fertilizers can be prepared by diluting fertilizers or can be taken directly in liquid form. Liquid seedling fertilizers are generally used for the stem and leaf parts of seedlings. Liquid seedling fertilizers are preferred for rain irrigation. Liquid seedling fertilizers are also used in fertilization types applied by spraying.

The main purpose of using liquid seedling fertilizers is that solid seedling fertilizers cannot adhere to the surface of the seedling. Liquid seedling fertilizers adhere to the leaves and stem parts of the seedlings and ensure that the necessary microelements are taken by the seedlings.

In this context, it is very advantageous to use. Liquid seedling fertilizers may vary in price depending on the amount of elements they contain. In this context, it will be in the user’s own interest to choose for the necessary elements.

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